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Cancer Care Services In San Diego, CA

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Safe Harbor Home Care specializes in caring for those dealing with cancer treatments. Our Personal Care Attendants have undergone special training and have had the experience of caring for a friend or family member who has gone through cancer and cancer treatments. Let our highly qualified Personal Care Attendants be there to assist you through life’s most challenging times.

Safe Harbor offers services to assist in:


Nutritional meal planning and preparation

Pet care

Driving and escorting client to the physicians

Hygiene assistance

Documentation for physicians

Pre and post-operative care

Emotional support

Overnight and 24 hour care

Hospital stays

There is a special bond that forms between those who understand the challenges that come from facing cancer. Allow our Personal Care Attendants to make your life a little less challenging with an individualized care plan that ensures a safe and supportive environment to allow recovery to occur.

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