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Private Pay

We have flexible payment criteria to make it easy on your pocket.

If the home care services our clients are seeking do not meet the criteria of their third-party payers, like insurance companies, our fees can be paid for out of pocket by the individual, their family or other party.

Nationally, the average rate for in-home care is $27.50/hour. Safe Harbor Home Care is proud to offer rates starting at just $25.95/hour and we provide a FREE in-home assessment. We also develop a customized Care Plan which helps to establish the goals of care and expectations for all parties.

Veteran’s Aid

The Veteran’s Aid and Attendance (A&A) Pension provides benefits for veterans of certain specific war periods and surviving spouses who require the regular attendance of another person to assist in eating, bathing, dressing and undressing or taking care of the needs of nature. To qualify for A&A it must be established by your physician that you require daily assistance by others with some of the daily activities listed above. You do not need assistance with all of these daily activities to qualify.

 Eligibility must be proven by filing the proper Veterans Application for Pension or Compensation (Form 21-526 Veteran) (Form 21-534 surviving spouse). This is a needs based benefit in terms of evaluating your income. The A&A Pension can provide up to $1,632 per month to a veteran, $1,055 per month to a surviving spouse, or $1,949 per month to a couple. The process can be slow so it’s a good idea to start the paperwork early. You will find lots of people and companies offering to help you obtain this benefit. Be Careful. Many of these “resources” are scams. You should never have to pay any monies up front when applying for this benefit.

We work closely with the VetAssist Program to get qualified Veterans approved for “Aid and Attendance” benefits. Learn more at VetAssist through Veterans Home Care.


Medicare does not cover non-medical in-home care. Visit for more information.

Medicaid is a joint federal-state medical assistance program for low-income individuals. It is administered by individual state governments. California’s program, Medi-Cal, offers services for individuals who require nursing home or in-home care.

Long-Term Care Insurance provides an income stream to pay for the cost of care in a variety of settings. Although mistakenly called “Nursing Home Insurance” by many people, these policies also help pay for services needed for people who want to age at home. Covered services typically include personal care, companionship, and other in-home services they desire and need as various care needs arise. The amount of benefit varies based on the level of policy purchased. Typically the consumer chooses the Home Care Agency they would like to work with and the Insurance Company reimburses the policy holder for approved services.

Private or Commercial Health Insurance policies typically cover some home care services for acute needs, but benefits for Long-Term services vary from plan to plan. Commercial insurers, including Aetna, Blue Cross and Blue Shield and others, generally pay for skilled professional home care services with a cost-sharing provision. Such policies occasionally cover personal care services. Cost-sharing varies with individual policies, but often is not required

Benefits vary by company so check with your insurer to see what may be covered and the conditions under which you can use this benefit. When you know what your coverage is, call Safe Harbor Home Care for your free consultation.

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