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Safe Harbor Home Care was founded in order to assure that quality non-medical in-home care was available throughout San Diego County. Safe Harbor is dedicated to providing affordable, competent, and compassionate home care services by employing qualified, reliable personal care attendants for you. We assist our clients with their activities of daily living. We also connect our clients and their families with valuable resources in the community.

Program Description

Office Hours:

  • Monday – Friday
  • 8:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m.

Office Contacts:

  • Telephone: (858) 634-1012
  • Fax: (619) 660-8882
  • Email:

After Hours, Holiday, & Weekend On-Call:

  • (619) 396-0428
  • Leave a message at the tone with a number where you can be reached

Client safety

Client safety is of upmost importance with Safe Harbor. Safe Harbor applies a meticulous and consistent process for the recruitment, selection, and hiring of staff, in accordance with state and federal regulations, equal opportunity requirements and non-discriminatory regulations. Only qualified and trained caregivers are introduced to our clients. Safe Harbor requires that all new employees undergo criminal and other background checks as a condition of employment, to include: TB testing, DMV driving record, drug testing, registration clearance, fit-for-duty physical, and work experience are verified and assessed to guarantee that our clients receive qualified caregivers to care for them.

Staff training & development

Staff training & development is a planned intervention that is implemented to ensure employees are thoroughly knowledgeable and competent in carrying out their duties/activities. Its intent is to avoid problems by being proactive in planning formal and informal sessions which distribute information and techniques to personal care attendants.

Equal Opportunity Employer

It is the policy of the Safe Harbor to afford equal employment opportunity to all individuals, regardless of race, creed, color, religion, gender, national origin,  ancestry, age, marital status, veteran status, disability, medical condition (as defined by California Government Code section 12929), gender identity, expression, or sexual orientation.

Our employees, as well as applicants and others with whom we do business, will not be subjected to sexual, racial, religious, ethnic, or any other form of unlawful harassment and/or discrimination. We are completely committed to these principles—not only because of the various laws which address these subjects—but because it is the right thing to do.

If you have any specific questions about Safe Harbor’s policies and procedures, please contact the office at (858) 634-1012. We will be happy to address any questions you may have.

Mandated reporting

Safe Harbor and its employees are required to report any suspected incident of abuse or neglect of an elder or dependent adult  to the adult protective services agency or the local law enforcement agency immediately or as soon as practicably possible. Learn more here:

Elder Abuse Hotline: 1-800-510-2020

Client complaint/grievance

In support of our belief that clients, who use our services, have the right to complain and make their views known without fear of reprisal, we have an accessible, visible, and direct process for filing and resolving complaints. Complaints can be directed to the Administrator/Supervisor at: (858) 634-1012

Costs and billing

Safe Harbor charges rates depending on the frequency and duration and level of care elected by Client.

Skilled care and medications

We are a non-medical, custodial care provider and do not provide skilled nursing care. Our Personal Care Attendants are prohibited from performing duties that include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Administration of medications, including:

    • Prescription medications

    • Over the counter medications

    • Rectal insertion

    • Oxygen

    • Enemas

  • Wound care

  • Tube Feedings

  • Glucose testing

  • Injections

Our caregivers may assist with normally self-administered medications by following the 5 Rights of Medication Administration:

  1. The right patient
  2. The right drug
  3. The right dose
  4. The right route
  5. The right time

We encourage the use of a day pill box or medi-planner in all cases where the Client is not able to self-administer his or her own medication.

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